This week, the United Way of Greater Cincinnati (UWGC) announced it will waive its administrative fee for overseeing the Cincinnati Preschool Promise. This decision was recently approved by the executive committee of the United Way’s board of directors and demonstrates a commitment not just to the success of the Cincinnati Preschool Promise, but also to being the community’s trusted entity.

“We are fortunate to have a strong partner who wants every dollar to benefit our local children,” said Shiloh Turner, Cincinnati Preschool Promise executive director.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer:

The United Way of Greater Cincinnati is poised to announce it is waiving its administrative fee for overseeing the Cincinnati Preschool Promise. By contract, the United Way should get $200,000 a year to oversee the program. But it won’t collect that check this year.

“We want every dollar possible to go to support kids,” said Ross Meyer, the United Way’s chief impact officer. “We’re all-in on making sure the Preschool Promise is successful.”

In November of 2016, voters overwhelmingly passed Issue 44, a joint venture between Cincinnati Public Schools and Cincinnati Preschool Promise. It’s a five-year levy that, among others, devotes $15 million a year to Preschool Promise, which offers tuition scholarships to preschool students along with funding for preschool improvement.

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