Our Commitment to Transparency

In accordance with the Ohio Public Records and Open Meetings laws, the Cincinnati Preschool Promise operates its interaction with the public and media.  We welcome the public to our Board and Committee meetings and will share meeting minutes and other documents on our website, available for all to access 24/7.

All Board of Directors and Committee meetings are open to the public unless otherwise published as closed for Executive Session. Public notice regarding regular Board of Directors and Committee meetings will be publicized no less than 48 hours in advance. Special meetings or emergency meetings are noticed no less than 24 hours in advance.  Meeting notices include an agenda, date, time and location. The notice will be posted on our website. If a meeting is closed to the public due to Executive Session, the topic of the Executive Session will be published on the meeting agenda.

Videos and minutes from Board of Directors and Committee meetings are posted on our website when they are approved by the Board of Directors.  

Additional compliance and reporting requirement are detailed in the Master Agreement for Preschool Expansion Services with Cincinnati Public Schools