Our teachers pour their skill and passion into our youngest learners.

Keys to quality education are teachers' retention, recruitment, & well-being.

Providing support for our teachers through professional and educational development.

Preschool Teachers

As a preschool teacher, your hard work ensures each of our preschoolers receives a quality education. Whether you’re a family childcare provider or a lead teacher at a large center, we appreciate the skill and passion you pour into our youngest learners.


Beginning January 2019, Cincinnati Preschool Promise is rolling out two new forms of support for lead teachers at our community-based preschool providers located within the Cincinnati Public School District boundaries. These supports are intended to support retention, recruitment, teachers’ well-being, and professional and educational development.

Teacher Promise Grants Program

For Lead Teachers at Tuition Assistance Providers

If you are a lead teacher at a 3-, 4-, or 5-star Tuition Assistance community provider, you may be eligible for wage supplements of up to $2,000 per year, plus bonuses for professional development or educational advancement.

This grant program is a pilot program. Grant applicants will be accepted quarterly from January 2019 through December 2020, with awards paid through December 2021.

Application Materials:

Applications can now be completed through an easy, secure online platform! To apply online, visit: www.promisegrant2020.paperform.co

Or, you may print a copy of the application.  Reference the Forms Library for Teacher form information.

About the Grants: 

Reference the Forms Library for Teacher form information.

Teachers at Quality Improvement Providers

We are currently developing a granting program for lead teachers at 0-, 1-, or 2- star rated providers who are engaged in our Quality Improvement process.