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Apply for Tuition Assistance at a Quality Preschool

Apply at a Preschool Promise approved quality rated provider of your choice, listed here.

Our friendly staff is happy to answer questions, feel free to call 447-4CPP (4277) or email info@cincy-promise.org

Tuition Assistance funds help families pay for highly-rated quality preschool. Assistance will be provided in the form of tuition credits paid directly to a Preschool Promise provider selected by the family. Información en español.

Families who live within the boundary of the Cincinnati Public School District are eligible to apply. Tuition Assistance is prioritized for those who need it most.

Tuition assistance credits can be used at Preschool Promise approved quality rated providers.

Need Help finding a Preschool?

The providers listed on our site are approved to receive Preschool Promise tuition assistance.

If you need more help finding a preschool, please contact 4C for Children at 758-1330 or parents@4cforchildren.org for friendly, free help.