Do you believe that every child deserves a strong start to a strong future? Do you want to make a difference for Cincinnati families? We need you on our team!

Cincinnati Preschool Promise is searching for passionate people to join its new Promise Team as outreach specialists. We hope these team members will bring diverse perspectives and high energy to engage and motivate families to enroll in preschool. These energetic self-motivators will focus on enrollment and outreach to support the Cincinnati Preschool Promise mission. Through this work, they will help change lives of local families by empowering them through the preschool enrollment process.

These positions are part-time with flexible hours. We are looking for two team members to start as soon as possible, with others joining through May. Interested? Check out the job description and send a resume to Mary Tighe at


JOB DESCRIPTION: Cincinnati Preschool Promise Outreach Specialist


Cincinnati Preschool Promise seeks an outreach specialist to join the Promise Team to support enrollment and community engagement efforts. This individual will be a contractor who will recruit families to join the participating Cincinnati Preschool Promise programs, generate demand and excitement for high-quality Preschool, and inspire community leaders and organizations to promote the Cincinnati Preschool Promise. The outreach specialist will focus on enrollment for community-based preschool programs, including family childcare providers.


  • All seats in participating community-based Cincinnati Preschool Promise providers are filled, based on Cincinnati Preschool Promise resources.
  • Preschool enrollment increases throughout community-based early childcare providers.
  • Qualified families enroll their 3- and 4-year-old children in high-quality preschools.
  • Families who do not have their children in a preschool enroll in a program.
  • Families understand their options for high-quality preschool.
  • Families and the community understand the value of high-quality preschool for children and, ultimately, for improving educational attainment and workforce development in the wider community.
  • Families with children under the age of 4 begin to learn about Preschool and the importance of choosing high quality programs for their younger children.
  • Families with young children recognize Cincinnati Preschool Promise as a trusted brand for preschool support.


  • Families of Preschoolers: Families with 3- and 4-year-old children are able to enroll their child in the Preschool Promise. Currently, just over a quarter of Dayton families do not enroll their children in Preschool, while another quarter choose Preschool programs that are not designated as high quality.
  • Families of Children under 4: Families with children under age 4 are potential future Preschool Promise families. It is important that they know about the Preschool Promise and are inspired to join when their child turns 4.


  • Places Families Frequent: Places where families live their day-to-day lives (grocery stores, laundromats, restaurants, hair salons, faith-based organizations, churches, child care centers, etc.) are important partners that can spread the word about the Cincinnati Preschool Promise. These local businesses are key to increasing the visibility of the Cincinnati Preschool Promise, and they can provide non-traditional and creative marketing opportunities.

Functions and Responsibilities

The Outreach Specialist shall work 20 hours/week on the following items:

  1. Staff community outreach efforts
    • Attend community events
    • Host tables at identified community organizations
    • Canvass neighborhoods
  2. Map and identify community assets in target area
    • Identify community resources (churches, community centers, libraries, etc.)
    • Identify businesses that can be partners
    • Identify events to attend in order to recruit families and share information about Preschool Promise
    • Identify key influencers
  3. Work with Participant Relations Specialist to establish and implement recruitment and enrollment plans
    • Develop neighborhood “on-the-ground” plans
    • Plan recruitment efforts that are population-specific and targeted
    • Schedule neighborhood information forums with key influencers
    • Conduct weekly “reviews” and share reports with the Preschool Promise
  4. Attend required training provided by the Cincinnati Preschool Promise
  5. Meet regularly with the Participant Relations Specialist and the Marketing & Community Engagement Manager to ensure successful execution of the contract
  6. Provide input to the Marketing & Community Engagement Manager on appropriate placement of messaging specific to the target neighborhood
  7. Identify existing community events that the Preschool Promise can participate in to help promote Preschool Promise’s messages
  8. Help plan and staff Cincinnati Preschool Promise events for families in partnership with the Cincinnati Preschool Promise staff (event costs will be funded by the Cincinnati Preschool Promise)

Desired Qualifications

  • English language fluency; bilingual in Spanish a plus
  • Customer service or case-working experience
  • Experience handling sensitive and confidential inquiries
  • Ability to manage customer relations with a high-level of customer service
  • Cultural competency and ability to interact with people of all backgrounds
  • Ability to work collaboratively
  • Enthusiasm for the Cincinnati Preschool Promise mission of helping families access high-quality, affordable preschool for their children


START DATE: As soon as possible

HOURS: 15-20 hours per week, flexible schedule


To apply: Please send a resume to Mary Tighe at