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Is Tuition Assistance available for 3-year-old children?

Yes, Preschool Promise Tuition Assistance is available to 3 year old students.

How will Preschool Promise serve children who live in a neighborhood without a quality preschool?

Unfortunately, Cincinnati has many neighborhoods without enough quality preschool providers to serve the preschool-aged children who live there. To increase the number of quality providers in these “quality preschool deserts” Preschool Promise offers Quality Improvement supports to help community‐based preschool programs achieve and maintain quality. Families will be provided additional supports to help their children become ready for kindergarten.

How do you determine the Tuition Assistance amount for my child?

The amount of Tuition Assistance for each student will vary based on the family’s income and the quality rating of the preschool provider. In 2015, our community participated in a study conducted by RAND to understand the cost to provide quality preschool. The tuition rate is based on this study.

How will you help with the wage parity among all preschool teachers?

We are fully committed to the importance to paying competitive wages for preschool teachers because they work in a child care setting serving multiple age groups. We have to implement these changes without harming infant care, toddler care or school-age programs that are also offered at the same site.