Cincinnati Preschool Promise is a non-profit organization, expanding access to quality preschools in Cincinnati. Preschool expansion is made possible thanks to a significant investment from taxpayers who approved a 5-year Cincinnati Public Schools levy in 2016. The levy includes $33 million a year to strengthen K-12 education and $15 million a year to expand access to quality preschool.

Preschool Promise, Cincinnati Public Schools and the United Way of Greater Cincinnati signed an agreement detailing how preschool expansion will work. Cincinnati Preschool Promise will utilize funds to expand the number of quality preschools and for tuition assistance for families who need it most. Parents who qualify may enroll their child in community-based preschool or a Cincinnati Public Schools preschool of their choice.

Board of Managers

The Cincinnati Preschool Promise is a non-profit organization led by a Board of Managers that oversees strategic direction to ensure families are able to use preschool tuition assistance and community-based preschool providers are given support to increase quality. Board members include educators, parents, preschool providers, community and business leaders.

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Our Team

Our Preschool Promise team ensures preschool expansion is implemented with excellence. We look forward to helping you participate in Preschool Promise.

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Financial Information

Preschool Promise hosted a public forum  to present and take questions and comments on the proposed budget for the first full year of Cincinnati Preschool Promise, July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018. With this public input, the Preschool Promise Board passed a budget prioritizing tuition assistance and quality improvement supports.

Year 1 Budget

Commitment to Transparency

We are committed to transparency with the public and media. We welcome the public to our Board, committee and other public meetings and share Board Meeting Minutes and other important documents on our website, available for all to access.

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